Visualising Real Estate Transformation

Visualisations Real Estate Transformation

Xinas skills involved in this project

    • Storyboards
    • 3D compositing, camera match and rendering
    • 360 panoramic rendering
    • Video compilation, editing, sound and special effects.

Communicating changes with panoramics

For Heembouw architects Xinas supported in visualizing & presenting their idea for the renovation of an office building located at on the Paviljoensgracht, in The Hague.

This video presentation was made in cooperation with Heembouw architect. For this project Xinas worked on the 3D visualization & rendering, 360 panorama view, and 1 minute video presentation presenting the architect’s idea of transforming the current function of the building from office spaces into living spaces.

The challenge of this visualization project is to show the transformation of the current building from the old state into the new one. The visualization is focused mainly on the exterior façade and their unique rooftop terrace design.

Who we worked for


Roman Castellum Bodegraven

Roman Castellum Bodegraven

Xinas skills applied to this project

  • Archaeological research and data collecting in cooperation with archaeology expert team from The Missing Link and TimeTravel expert team. The 3D reconstruction was made based on the expert’s interpretation from excavation traces, historical documents, and all reliable archaeology resources.
  • Visual & artist impression
  • 3D modelling & realistic landscape visualization
  • 360 Panoramic rendering

Historical 3D reconstruction

This Project is part of the TimeTravel Limes 3D reconstruction of Roman castles along the Rijn river in The Netherlands.

Who we worked with

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Prehistoric Burial Mounds in 3D Panoramas

Prehistoric Burial Mounds in 3D Panoramas

How it was published

For the final audience, the panoramas were wrapped into an app for use on mobile phones and tablet devices. These apps now part of the Time Travel series and can be downloaded for your Android or iOS mobile device.


Xinas skills that went into this project

    • Research and data gathering in cooperation with the archaeological expert team from The Missing Link.
    • 3D modelling of the mounds and  realistic landscape visualization.
    • Panoramic rendering of the environement for use on the web and in tablets apps.

Historically correct 3D reconstructions

Following recent archaeological findings of the remains of the prehistoric graves in Dalfsen area, the local municipality wanted to publish the findings and the historical information to the public in an interesting way. The findings were pretty unique and widely reported in the press.

Xinas was asked to create a 3D reconstruction of the landscape and the burial mounds (graves) in this area as they would have been during the prehistoric era. A challenge is the little information available about the landscape and the burial mounds during those times. To develop the reconstruction as close as possible to the reality during that era, Xinas worked closely with advisers and archeologists from The Missing Link to create a realistic recreation in 3D of the mounds and the findings.

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