Xinas Animatieproces

Xinas Animatieproces

Xinas animatieproces

Xinas animaties: Hoe worden die gemaakt? In deze video vertellen we ons geheim !

Hego Reiniging Animation

Hego Reiniging Animation

Advertising and Promotional Animation

Short promotional animation video for Hego, a Dutch Cleaning Service company

Xinas skills applied to this project

  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • 2D Visual Arts and Graphic Works
  • Animatics
  • 2D Animations and Productions

Amsterdam 1600 A.D – 3D Reconstruction

Amsterdam 1600 A.D – 3D Reconstruction


Panorama View

Xinas Skills Involved In This Project

  • Archaeological research and data collecting in cooperation with expert team from The Missing Link and TimeTravel expert team. The data mostly coming from ancient pictures, paintings and sketches from artists made during that era
  • 3D modelling & realistic landscape visualization
  • Panoramic rendering


Historically correct modeling

This project is a 3D reconstruction of the Damrak Area in Amsterdam based on its actual situation and condition in the year around 1600. This is a part of the TimeTravel Amsterdam app project was made in cooperation with The Missing Link and deLight interactive solutions.

TimeTravel app is an interesting informative app that makes it possible for people or visitors in a certain area to experience virtually how the area looks like in the past. During this project we reconstructed the Damrak area of the Amsterdam in 3D environment based on its actual situation and condition in the year around 1600.

For this project we made some high resolution 3D panoramic photo realistic visualizations of the area and also flythrough movie exploring the area.

Who We Worked With

Concepting YES!Delft Expansion

Concepting YES!Delft Expansion

Visualising Future Real Estate

In this project Xinas worked in cooperation with Heembouw developing 3D panorama and artist impression visualization materials to support concept idea presentation for YES!Delft the second generation offices building project.

As the part of the expansion of their current offices building, YES!Delft has created a plan to build new buildings near to the current one. Heembouw was invited to present their design concept proposal to the development committee. Xinas supports the team by creating a number of  360 degree panoramas visualizations and various artist impressions for the interior.

Xinas Skills Applied In this Job

  • 3D modelling and lighting
  • Conceptual and photo-realistic renderings
  • 3D panoramic rendering

Who We Worked For


Visualising Real Estate Transformation

Visualisations Real Estate Transformation

Xinas skills involved in this project

    • Storyboards
    • 3D compositing, camera match and rendering
    • 360 panoramic rendering
    • Video compilation, editing, sound and special effects.

Communicating changes with panoramics

For Heembouw architects Xinas supported in visualizing & presenting their idea for the renovation of an office building located at on the Paviljoensgracht, in The Hague.

This video presentation was made in cooperation with Heembouw architect. For this project Xinas worked on the 3D visualization & rendering, 360 panorama view, and 1 minute video presentation presenting the architect’s idea of transforming the current function of the building from office spaces into living spaces.

The challenge of this visualization project is to show the transformation of the current building from the old state into the new one. The visualization is focused mainly on the exterior façade and their unique rooftop terrace design.

Who we worked for


“Picture This” Interactive Gaming Animation

Picture This Interactive Gaming Animation

Xinas Skills Involved For This Project

      • Sketches and storyboard development
      • 3D character model poses and animation sequences

3D characters creation

In this project Xinas worked with Twnkls, a Rotterdam based augmented reality company, to create the 3D animations for the Yumblees characters that were used in “Picture This” attraction at virtual reality amusement park in Roermond, The Netherlands.

Who We Worked With


Tim’s Rescue Preshow Animation

Tim’s Rescue Preshow Animation

Animated Infotainment For Amusement Parks

This animation is aimed at entertainment  as well as providing important safety guide instructions before the visitors entering a ride at an amusement park.
In line with the attractions title, we used one of the branded characters named Tim as the main actor and narrator in this video.

The challenge of the project is developing the concept of a short instruction video (less than 3 minutes)  that is although short but still attractive and clear enough to understand by both children and adult audience.To achieve this we created a mix of 3D and 2D visuals layered with humor and jokes to make the instruction interesting enough for audiences of all ages.

Xinas Skills Applied To This Project

  • Developing ideas in sketches and storyboards
  • Creating the script and animatic
  • Sound recording by a voice actor speaking in two different language (Dutch and German)
  • 3D and 2D animation, Post Production process: visual and sound effects.

Vierlingsbeek Identity Branding Animation

Vierlingsbeek Identity Branding Animation

Xinas Skills Involved In This Project

  • scripting, storyboard creation
  • Sound track and voice over recording
  • motion graphic design & creation
  • high resolution rendering for public display signs

Motion Graphics With Voice Over

This dutch spoken animation takes the viewer through the various timelayers one single location goes through over time. Starting back in neolithic ages, it tracks back how burial urns from that era have sat under our feet for thousands of years before being dug up by archealogists.

Who We Made This For